Friday, 25 February 2011


木の額縁 made by natsumoku


E.L. said...

They are very well made frames, I love Japanese hand towels (tenugui)and I wonder if natsumoku has any plan to produce frames for tenugui?

P.S. I visited Natsimoku's blog, I am impressed!

kanaexpress said...

hi, E.L.!thanks for the comment.
natsumoku is my boyfriend who is a wood worker. his job is 建具屋さん(making doors for traditional japanese houses, temples and shrines).
i don't know if he has a plan to make frames for tenugui but i can ask him whether he could make some or not?

E.L. said...

Hello again! Please ask him, I am not in a hurry, I have been looking for a real wooden frame for a long time now. The tenugui frames sold in the tenugui shops are not so nice. Anyway, we could talk more when we meet up in April! Can't wait!